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Year A

2014 Jan - Feb

The user name for January and February is epiphan3, and the password is come2see.

Spiritual Styles
The year ahead
In this issue
E15 Jan Call to wonder
E212 Jan Beloved
E319 Jan Come and see
E426 Jan Come as you are
E52 Feb Orientation of the heart
E69 Feb Essential presence
E716 Feb Anger management
E823 Feb Going beyond

2011 Jan - Feb

The user name for January and February is wise0fool, and the password is bible400yrs.

2nd January Wise or foolish journey?
9th January Wise or foolish question?
16th January Wise or foolish followers?
23rd January Wise or foolish trust?
30th January Wise or foolish?
6th February Wise or foolish life?
13th February Wise or foolish relationship?
20th February Wise or foolish love?
27th February Wise or foolish worry?

Material for the whole period

2011 Mar - Apr

The user name for March and April is liv4lent, and the password is palm26.

Spiritual Checkup
Season Setting
Lent Calendar
Passion Stations
T6 Mar Wise or foolish question?
L113 Mar Wise or foolish followers?
L220 Mar Wise or foolish trust?
L327 Mar Wise or foolish?
L43 Apr Wise or foolish life?
L510 Apr Wise or foolish relationship?
L617 Apr Wise or foolish love?
E24 Apr Wise or foolish worry?

2011 May - Jun

The user name for May and June is 2bcaring, and the password is spirit3.

Season Setting
Heroes and Villains
E38 May Getting to know
E415 May A firm foundation
E522 May Building Blocks
E629 May Safe Places
E75 Jun Casting your cares
Pent12 Jun Community Spirit
Trin19 Jun Sustaining community
O1326 Jun Welcoming community

2011 Jul - Aug

The user name for July and August is key123, and the password is faith28.

Season setting
The Power of Trust
Heroes and Villains
O143 Jul Pace Setter
O1510 Jul Soil types
O1617 Jul Spoiler
O1724 Jul Priceless
O1831 Jul People Feeder
O197 Aug Doubting Faith
O2014 Aug Mind changer
O2121 Aug Key Holder
O2228 Aug Cross taker

2011 Sept - Oct

The user name for September and October is love15, and the password is grape7.

Season setting
God who makes the first move
O234 Sep Turn my Heart
O2411 Sep Forgive
O2518 Sep Don't sulk
O2625 Sep Get on with it
O272 Oct Vineyard
O289 Oct Feast
O2916 Oct Authorities
O3023 Oct Law of love
O3130 Oct Practice what you teach

2011 Nov - Dec

The user name for September and October is 7carols, and the password is crib44.

Season setting
Advent Craft
Using Film
O326 Nov Be Prepared
O3313 Nov Be Trustworthy
O3420 Nov King of Love
A127 Nov Waiting with Courage
A24 Dec Waiting with patience
A311 Dec Waiting for joy
A418 Dec Waiting with faithfulness
C25 Dec Word made flesh

2008 Mar - Apr


L42 Mar How do you know?
L59 Mar Dead or alive
L616 Mar His story ... our story
E23 Mar Empty!
E130 Mar Pass it on
E26 Apr Alongside
E313 Apr Share and grow
E420 Apr Where's home?
E527 Apr If I love ...

2008 Jul - Aug

2008 Sept - Oct

O237 Sep Make up & make whole
O2414 Sep Forgive & forgive & ...
O2521 Sep More than fair
O2628 Sep Authority & obedience
O275 Oct Accept or reject?
O2812 Oct Invitation to the feast
O2919 Oct Two sides of the coin
O3026 Oct The law of love

2008 Nov - Dec

Nov - Dec 2008

O312 Nov We are all students
O329 Nov Are we ready?
O3316 Nov Children of light
O3423 Nov Really a king?
A130 Nov Watch the signs
A27 Dec Be prepared
A314 Dec Finding ourselves
A421 Dec Are you willing?
C128 Dec Look back, look ahead

Year B

2012 Jan - Feb

Season setting
C21 Jan Identified as Saviour
E18 Jan Called into Being
E215 Jan Called by Name
E322 Jan God who thinks again
E429 Jan God who gives authority
E55 Feb God who continues to create
E612 Feb God who promises
E719 Feb God who is for all time
L126 Feb Jesus who is the Good News

2012 Mar - Apr

Season setting
Lent Calendar
L24 Mar Become good news
L311 Mar Holy space
L418 Mar Light for the world
L525 Mar Growing & changing
L61 Apr Hosanna
E18 Apr Go & tell
E215 Apr Believing is seeing
E322 Apr You are witnesses of these things
E429 Apr The Good Shepherd

2012 May - Jun

Season setting
E56 May The true vine
E613 May All you need is love
E720 May Protect them in your name
P27 May The Spirit alongside us
T3 Jun Experiencing God
O1010 Jun Doing the will of God
O1117 Jun Small is beautiful
O1224 Jun Surviving in a crisis

2012 Jul - Aug

Season setting
O13Jul 1 Living in the now
O14Jul 8 Two by two
O15Jul 15 Speak out
O16Jul 22 Sharing our stories
O17Jul 29 Beginning
O18Aug 5 Searching
O19Aug 12 Learning
O20Aug 19 Relating
O21Aug 26 Choosing

2012 Sep - Oct

Creation Time service
Discipleship: Witness
Season setting
O222 Sep Gratitude
O239 Sep Generosity
O2416 Sep Responsibility
O2523 Sep Wisdom
O2630 Sep Prayer
O277 Oct Place Setting
O2814 Oct Time Setting
O2921 Oct Safety Setting
O3028 Oct Volume Setting

2012 Nov - Dec

Discipleship: Action
Season setting
Advent Calendar
O314 Nov Love rules
O3211 Nov Humility rules
O3318 Nov What rules?
O3425 Nov Jesus rules
A12 Dec The kingdom of God is near
A29 Dec Prepare to change
A316 Dec Be the change
A423 Dec Turning the world upside down
C130 Dec Owned faith

2009 Jan - Feb

2009 Mar - Apr

2006 Mar - Apr

Year C

2013 Jan - Feb

Spiritual Styles
Season setting
Lent Calendar
C26 Jan Wise before the event
E113 Jan Think again
E220 Jan Think big
E327 Jan Called to action
E43 Feb Hear the truth
E510 Feb Seeing the journey ahead
L117 Feb Temptation
L224 Feb Today, tomorrow

2013 Mar - Apr

Spiritual Styles
Season setting
The Passion
L33 Mar Towers, trees and tragedies
L410 Mar Testing times
L517 Mar Too extravagant?
L624 Mar Entrance into Jerusalem
E31 Mar Running to the tomb
E17 Apr Filling the city
E214 Apr The road to Damascus
E321 Apr Staying for some time
E428 Apr Step by step

2013 May - Jun

Spiritual Styles
Season setting
Two families of Galatia
E65 May Crossing over
E712 May Shaking up
P19 May Suddenly from heaven
T26 May The threefold presence of God
O92 Jun Good News
O109 Jun Transformed Life
O1116 Jun Living Christ
O1223 Jun Clothed with Christ
O1330 Jun Called to freedom

2013 Jul - Aug

Spiritual Styles
Hebrews (picture)
O147 Jul Seeds of God's new creation
O1514 Jul Inconvenient Compassion
O1621 Jul Distracting Hospitality
O1728 Jul Challenging Prayer
O184 Aug Soulless wealth
O1911 Aug Imagine
O2018 Aug Inspire
O2125 Aug Ignite

2013 Sep - Oct

Spiritual Styles
Season setting
O221 Sep Include
O238 Sep Shocking
O2415 Sep Connecting
O2522 Sep Perplexing
O2629 Sep Alerting
O276 Oct Inherit the treasure
O2813 Oct Handling the treasure
O2920 Oct Selecting the treasure
O3027 Oct Inherit the treasure

2013 Nov - Dec

Spiritual Styles
Season setting
Images for all time
O313 Nov Welcome
O3210 Nov Resurrection Life
O3317 Nov Security in Turmoil
O3424 Nov The promise of paradise
A11 Dec Walk in the light
A28 Dec A child shall lead them
A315 Dec Streams in the desert
A422 Dec Name him Immanuel
C25 Dec A sign for you
C129 Dec Out of Egypt

2010 Sept - Oct

Please note that the scanner (human) didn't always get it right. With luck all the pages are there, but you may find them in the wrong order, or upside down. My apologies.

September 2010 Discipleship

5th September 2010 Prepare for risk
12th September 2010 Risky search
19th September 2010 Deal with risk
26th September 2010 Risk of riches

October 2010

3rd October 2010 Enough faith Luke 17: 5-10 - mustard seed
10th October 2010 Enough thanks Luke 17: 11-19 - the leper who thanked Jesus
17th October 2010 Enough prayer Luke 18: 1-8 - keep praying
24th October 2010 Enough mercy Luke 18: 9-14 - the Pharisee and the tax collector
31st October 2010 Enough acceptance Luke 19: 1-10 - Zacchaeus

2010 Nov - Dec

Process or Product?
Season setting
Advent Gift
Advent Calendar
7 Nov Here and Now
14 Nov What really matters
21 Nov Leadership that matters
A128 Nov Be ready
A25 Dec The voice in the wilderness
O1911 Aug Imagine
O2018 Aug Inspire
O2125 Aug Ignite

2007 Jan - Feb

2007 Mar - Apr

2007 May - Jun