Dundee Methodist Church

18 August 2013

Next Sunday
25 August 2013

11 am
All-age Worship including Holy Communion conducted by the Rev Mary Patterson
Communion Offering for The Benevolence Fund

We give the assurance of our thoughts and prayers to all who are unwell, awaiting or undergoing treatment, or anxious or grieving for the loss of loved ones.

Gift Aid - Good news!

A Gift Aid cheque for £5139.42 was banked in the Church account on 1st August. Many thanks to all who have enabled this to happen.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Exhibition

'tricia Laurie draws our attention to 'Hills, Woolcraft, Stone' in the Acoustic Music Centre, Orwell Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 2DP, on 5th - 25th August, from 10am to 10pm. The café will be open Mondays to Fridays between 10am and 2.30pm. The exhibition is a new collection of pieces from Pat Archibald's students, inspired by a poem by George Mackay Brown. See poster on noticeboard and www.patarchibald.com

District Service of Welcome

Everyone is warmly invited to the Service being arranged to say “Welcome” to our in-coming Chair of Synod, the Rev Dr David P Easton. This will be held at 2pm on Saturday 31st August in Perth Methodist Church and will be followed by refreshments and informal fellowship.

Link Club stall

The Club has again been given the opportunity by Rotary Dundee to take a stall in City Square on Saturday 31st August.

If you have items you wish to donate for sale please consult Lorna as to suitability and the best ways & means of providing them.

Credit Unions

Heather Dean has been, for some years, a Director of the North East Fife Credit Union and is currently the Secretary. She would be pleased to give advice about forming credit unions, to anyone interested.

Methodist Church promotes humans rights with new investment policy

For details of the Methodist Church's new investment policy and its promotion of human rights, adopted by the Central Finance Board, see the news item on the Methodist Church website.

Broughty Ferry Churches teas

Summer Teas and Coffees are served on Saturdays from 10am to 12 noon in the New Kirk St Aidan's Heritage Centre (former St Aidan's church building).

Incorporation of Broughty Ferry into Dundee

As part of the Ferry's marking of the Centenary of its Incorporation into Dundee as from 4th November 1913

  • A United Service will be held on Sunday 3rd November at 6pm in Broughty New Kirk.
  • It is proposed that individual Ferry churches hold displays and “open days” in connection with the Centenary and that a “Church Trail” be publicised.
  • There will be a Public Lecture by Dr Chris Davey in St Marys' Episcopal Church.

Further information to come in due course.

Meetings this week

Date & timeVenueDetails
Monday 5th - Sunday 25th August 2013, 10am to 10pm Acoustic Music Centre, Orwell Terrace, Edinburgh EH11 2DP Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Exhibition - 'Hills, Woolcraft, Stone'; a new collection of pieces from Pat Archibald's students, inspired by a poem by George Mackay Brown. See poster on noticeboard and www.patarchibald.com. The café will be open Mondays to Fridays between 10am and 2.30pm.
Wednesday 21st August 2013, 10am to 11.30am Blairgowrie Methodist Church Coffee Morning. The support of Circuit friends is always much appreciated and a warm welcome given to all who come.
Thursday 22nd August 2013, 7pm Dundee Methodist Church, “L” Church Stewards' Meeting

Support other Organisations

Scottish Bible Society

Support through the Bible-a-Month Club is invited in August for work in Zambia.

Our prayerful attention is drawn this week to

  • continued growth of the Church in China and consequent need for funding for huge Scripture needs;
  • distribution by the Albanian Bible Society of more than 2000 Children's Bibles this year, also production of Bible engagement tools for churches;
  • translators of Life with Jesus, the modern Slovenian New Testament, of which the second portion is due for distribution to young people next month.

Forthcoming events

Date & timeVenueDetails
Saturday 31st August 2013, 2pm Perth Methodist Church, Scott Street Service of Welcome for the Rev Dr David P Easton, the incoming Chair of the Scotland Synod.
Monday 2nd September 2013, 10am to 4pm Central Baptist premises, Ward Road, Dundee Workplace Chaplaincy Introduction Day
This event is offered to those interested or involved in workplace chaplaincy, a rapidly expanding area of Christian service. A light lunch will be provided. For further details or to book, contact Mrs Catriona Parkinson: email info.wpcscotland@gmail.com tel: 0131 441 2271.
Saturday 2nd November 2013, 10am to 4pm St Andrew's and St George's Church, 13 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PA Fresh Expressions: Vision Day. This “ecumenical exploration and celebration of fresh expressions of church” will take place. Cost - £12, including refreshments and lunch. Registration form.

Prayer Points for this week

  • the Rev Dr David P Easton, incoming Chair of Synod, moving to Scotland;
  • office-holders preparing to take up duties in September;
  • Flying for Life programme in the Limpopo area of southern Africa ( Mission Aviation Fellowship);
  • The Leprosy Mission's promotional work in the British Isles;
  • residents and staff in the Chester and Stoke District (Methodist Homes);
  • Coptic Orthodox organisation BLESS and its empowerment work in Egypt (Embrace);
  • MASHAP's HIV educational work in Malawi (Christian Aid);
  • Bible Society work in Zambia;
  • we pray with and for the peoples of The Pacific Islands (WCC Ecumenical Calendar);
  • we remember fellow Methodists in Hull (York and Hull District) and in Clydebank (Glasgow Circuit).