Dundee Methodist Church

15 January 2017

Next Sunday
22 January 2017
Homeless Sunday

11 am
Worship, including Holy Communion, conducted by the Rev Nick Baker
Communion Offering (on entry) for the Benevolence Fund

We give the assurance of our thoughts and prayers to all who are unwell, awaiting or undergoing treatment, anxious, or grieving for the loss of loved ones.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The Week of Prayer is traditionally observed from 18th to 25th January - the octave of St Peter and St Paul - but it may be observed at other times, eg Pentecost. This year's world-wide theme is Crossing Barriers using material prepared by churches in Germany, based on the call for reconciliation in 2 Corinthians 5, 14-20.

The annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity Service in Broughty Ferry will be held on Wednesday at 12 noon in St Mary's Episcopal Church, Queen Street (NB different venue from recent years). A warm welcome is extended to everyone to this Service.

Action for Children

Donations in support of Action for Children during the Christmas season were invited via envelopes put in the offering plate or by donation to the Church Treasurer. The total to date is £51.21.

Edinburgh City Centre Workplace Chaplain

See the advertisement for the above full-time post. The closing date for applications is 25th January 2017.

Methodist ClothesBank

Mondays 10am -12 noon (i/c Liz)

Thursdays 1pm - 3pm (i/c Sue)

  • A further appeal for clothing has resulted in more stock and the search continues to locate appropriate storage space on our premises. There is a possibility of racks being provided for us free of charge.
  • Please continue the search for suitable clothing from yourselves (and family & friends!) - “any clothing at all is welcome - smart or casual”.
  • Links are developing with other groups, including the CAP (Christians Against Poverty) debt support group and DWP job-seeking project so that referrals can also be made through them (an official referral card is still necessary).
  • More volunteers are needed - a minimum of 3 persons per session is really the basic; please contact Sue or Liz beforehand if you can help on a Monday or Thursday.

the Connexion magazine

A copy of the latest edition of this magazine is on the vestibule table; please borrow, read, and return, or download. There are items relating to work in Scotland and also to family members of active and Supernumerary Ministers in Scotland.

Meetings this week

Date & timeVenueDetails
Sunday, 15th January, 3pm Perth Methodist Church Preacher's Recognition Service
Wednesday, 18th January, 12 noon St Mary's Episcopal Church, Queen Street Broughty Ferry Week of Prayer for Christian Unity service
Thursday, 19th January, 12.00 noon St Mary's Episcopal Church, Queen Street, Broughty Ferry Broughty Ferry Churches Prayer Service for Persecuted Christians. "If one member of the body suffers, all suffer together with it" (1 Corinthians 12:26). Christians in more than 60 countries worldwide face persecution and ask for our prayers. All are invited to join together for our monthly prayer for persecuted Christians. If you wish, bring a packed lunch to eat after.

Support other Organisations

Scottish Bible Society

Our support via the Bible-a-Month Partnership is invited in January for work in India.

Our prayerful attention is drawn this week to

  • launch of a training programme by the Bible Society in Chad to enable and equip church leaders to help traumatised people;
  • proof-reading of the modern Gaelic New Testament;
  • translation project of the Bible Society of Burundi to produce the Kirundi Study Bible;
  • those affected by struggles for land reclamation in Chile, especially the Mapuche people, and production for them of the Old Testament in Mapudungun by the Chilean Bible Society;
  • work by the Bible Society of Cameroon to make the Bible available for Guidar-speakers.

The Bible-a-Month Partnership offers an opportunity to be involved, monthly, in work world-wide through learning about different people, features on different projects, financial support for work in translation, provision and distribution of Bibles and Scripture - related materials and programmes.

To know more or make a contribution, please contact Jenny Easson / see library noticeboard.

Tayside Re-Users

This registered charitable organisation is based at Units 1 & 2, South Dudhope Mill, 73-75 Douglas Street DD1 5AN. It aims to

  • advance environmental protection and improvement through waste reduction and recycling
  • provision of unemployment relief through opportunities for skill-building and volunteering;
  • promotion of education and awareness in sustainable use of resources.

To know more, ask Liz; phone (01382) 228986 or 228806; see the website. There is a membership form on the noticeboard in library area.

Prayer Points for this week

  • the President and Vice-President of Conference in the Chester and Stoke District next weekend;
  • Connexional Ministries Committee, Monday;
  • Week of Prayer for Christian Unity events;
  • work in Scotland (Methodist Homes);
  • Al-Kafaàt Foundation's projects in Beirut for children with learning disabilities (Embrace ME);
  • those still living with the legacy of the earthquake in Haiti, 7 years on (Christian Aid);
  • Bible Society work in India;
  • work in Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia (The Leprosy Mission); work in Timor Leste (MAF);
  • we pray with and for the peoples of Cyprus, Greece, and Turkey (WCC);
  • we remember fellow Methodists in the Sankey Valley Circuit (Liverpool District) and in Dunbar (Edinburgh and Forth Circuit).