Dundee Methodist Church

4 June 2017

Next Sunday
11 June 2017
Trinity Sunday

11 am
Worship led by Mrs Sue Marshall-Jennings

We give the assurance of our thoughts and prayers to all who are unwell, awaiting or undergoing treatment, anxious, or grieving for the loss of loved ones.

Safeguarding Training

Further training is now required for “all those who participated in the initial Safeguarding training 5 or more years ago”.

Sessions have been arranged as follows; all last from 2-4pm:

Tuesday 13 JuneDundee
Tuesday 4 JulyArbroath
Tuesday 8 AugustPerth
Tuesday 24 AugustPerth
Tuesday 5 SeptemberDundee
Tuesday 21 SeptemberDundee

Please advise Marcia or Nick Baker if you plan to attend in Dundee on Tuesday 13th June and Marcia Mackenzie for any other dates. If you should be receiving this training, and none of these dates is suitable, please advise a Church Steward and/or contact Marcia Mackenzie; it is possible that an evening session can be arranged.

All are welcome - Safeguarding is the responsibility of each and every one of us.

Tea and coffee will be available on 13th June from 1.30pm.

Methodist ClothesBank

Mondays 10am -12 noon (i/c Liz)

Thursdays 1pm - 3pm (i/c Sue)

Volunteers please contact Sue or Liz

More clothing is still needed; please have a good spring clean of your wardrobes. Anything is welcome. We will

  • keep good adult clothing for the clothesbank;
  • send good clothing for children and teenagers to “Togs from Tots to Teens”;
  • recycle clothes that are not suitable for either; we can raise money in this way.

Please take a collecting bag from the table at the top of the stairs or ask a helper for one.

Do you have curtains to spare?

Starter Packs are desperately in need of curtains or material. If anyone has spare curtains that they don't need, these would be very much appreciated.

“In Touch” - Methodist Scotland District newsletter

Copies of the Spring 2017 (issue 8) edition are on the vestibule table; please take, uplift for handing to others, recommend - and read & note the contents!

Funeral Poverty Project

The Dundee Social Enterprise Network, which includes Faith in Community Dundee, is advertising for a Project Coordinator for 6 months, starting 12th June, with funding obtained from the Social Innovation Fund.

Jackie has written on behalf of Faiths in Community Dundee: “We will be working closely with the Project Coordinator during the 6 month post, to explore the feasibility of a Funeral Service that runs as a social enterprise in Dundee, and offers dignified, accessible and affordable support and funeral services which may include notifying the public, coffins, cars, flowers, receptions and catering.”

For further information on the general issue of funeral costs, the Project or the Coordinator post, please contact Sue or Jackie - 01382 825351. The closing date for applications for the Coordinator post is this Tuesday, interviews on Thursday - time is short!

Broughty Ferry Churches Group

At the recent meeting

  • it was reported that the Christian Aid Coffee Morning had raised the sum of £1274.50 to which Gift Aid will be added, plus £25 from David's Tay Bridge Crossing. This will form part of a large sum raised by Ferry Churches through envelopes and other donations during Christian Aid Week;
  • positive feedback was given about the now established custom of distributing Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday - it seems these are now expected / looked for 'as a regular happening';
  • information was presented from the “Awareness of refugees” group at Barnhill St Margaret's - it was felt the best way was to support the work of this group and also to arrange a wider open meeting later this year to raise awareness and consider any further action;
  • support is being offered to the St James congregation for their regular Open Days during Gala Week in July, while Barnhill St Margaret's will have a stall at the Gala Event on Castle Green on Sunday 2nd July.

Next meeting - Tues 12 Sept, St James', 2.15pm

Support other Organisations

Scottish Bible Society

Our support via the Bible-a-Month Partnership is invited in June for work in Nepal.

Our prayerful attention is drawn this week to

  • Bible Society of Moldova's distribution of literature in support of people in need;
  • Bible Society in Syria training 400 Sunday School teachers each year;
  • Mongolian Union Bible Society starting the translation of a modern version of the Bible for Mongol-speakers;
  • Bible Society of Malawi's work with families;
  • Bible Society of Spain's translation of the Bible into the Asturian language spoken by some 600,000 people;
  • Bible Society of Namibia's translation of the Bible into 2 languages for use with the Oshiwombo people.

Prayer Points for this week

  • the President of Conference-designate, the Rev Loraine Mellor and Vice-President-designate, Mrs Jill Baker;
  • General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church, meeting in Edinburgh, Thursday to Saturday;
  • members and work of the District Executive;
  • work in the Lancashire District (Methodist Homes);
  • Inter-Church Network for Development and Relief's training for women (Embrace ME);
  • peace in the Middle East - this week marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Six-Day war (Christian Aid);
  • work in Tanzania (MAF);
  • Bible Society work in Nepal;
  • decision-makers (The Leprosy Mission);
  • we pray with and for the peoples of Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, and Swaziland (WCC);
  • we remember fellow Methodists in the Wharfedale and Aireborough Circuit (Leeds District) and in Paisley(Ayrshire and Renfrewshire Circuit).