Dundee Methodist Church


We hold a Traidcraft stall after worship on a Sunday, about twice a month. Should you wish to order specific items, please contact Margaret.

Stock list

Divine Chocolate - a wide variety 100g £2.00
Divine Chocolate Bar 45g 85p
Geobar - various 35g 40p
Butter Mints 200g £1.50
Raisins 500g £3.80
Sultanas 500g £3.35
Cafédirect 100g £3.30
Cafédirect Decaffeinated Organic Medium Coffee 100g £3.80
Cafédirect Machu Picchu Coffee 100g £3.80
Medium Roast Ground Coffee 227g £3.30
Kilimanjaro Roast Ground Coffee 227g £3.30
Colombia Roast Ground Coffee 227g £3.30
Traidcraft Organic Medium Roast Decaffeinated Ground Coffee 227g £3.30
Cocoa 125g £2.20
Drinking Chocolate 500g £3.00
Instant Chocolate Flavoured Drink 22g sachet 35p
One cup tea bags 100 bags, 250g £2.40
Rooibos Tea Bags 100 bags, 200g £3.75
GeoMuesli– Exotic Fruits 750g £3.50
Honey - Sweet Justice 340g £3.00
Honey - Guatemalan Squeezy 250g £2.70
Organic Orange Marmalade 340g £2.00
Equal Exchange Natual Dark Tahini 270g £3.75
Eswatini Curry Sauce Medium 300g £3.75
Sugar - Dark Muscovado 500g £1.15
Sugar - Demerara 500g £1.45
Sugar - Golden Caster 500g £1.45
Sugar - Light Brown Soft 500g £1.45
Kitchen Rolls Twin pack, 60 2-ply recycled sheets per roll £1.50
Greetings Cards Various 63p to £1.50