Dundee Methodist Church

News Sheet


25th December 2005
Holiday news-sheet, Home-Start.
18th December 2005
Holiday news-sheets, “Nativity Service”, Link Club Party & Service, Home-Start.
11th December 2005
“Momentum”, Crèche Rota, Flower Rota, Dundee Choral Union Concert - Bach's “Christmas Oratorio”, UNICEF Jars of Grace, NCH, Arusha, Tanzania.
4th December 2005
AIDS Display, “Narnia” cinema trip, Circuit Preachers' Meeting, “Caring Christmas Trees”, Scottish Bible Society, “African Praise and Worship”.
27th November 2005
Pastoral Care, “Narnia”, Crèche Rota, Circuit Preaching Plans, Did You Know?, Ecumenical Advent Worship, World AIDS Day Vigil, Broughty Ferry Churches Prayer Group, Scottish Bible Society, Seven Arches Trust, Downfield Musical Society pantomime “Cinderella”.
20th November 2005
World AIDS Day - Vigil, Gift tags, Mission Aviation Fellowship, The Leprosy Mission, Circuit Leadership Team Retreat, St Andrews Chorus Concert, Christian House Exchange Fellowship.
13th November 2005
“Narnia” - suggested cinema trip, Luv Esther - “a musical for such a time as this”, AIDS Vigil planning meeting, Palestinian Breakfast, organised by the Dundee Nablus Twinning Association, Ceilidhafleh - an evening of entertainment, dance and food, District Appraisal Group, Switching on of Christmas Lights.
6th November 2005
Worship Group résumé, AIDS Vigil for World AIDS Day, Methodist Homes Envelopes, The Leprosy Mission Christmas Card Sale, Scottish Bible Society, “Conversations on Spirituality and the Arts”.
30th October 2005
Conference in Edinburgh 2006 : “Our Methodist Identity”, Pastoral Committee, Prayer Handbook, International Bible Readong Association, Proposed Fair Trade Event, Circuit Safeguarding group, Worship Group, Broughty Ferry Churches Prayer Group, Amnesty International, District Policy Committee, Scottish Bible Society, “Children Today”, “Leading Small Groups”, Fair Trade Market.
23rd October 2005
One World Week, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Pastoral Committee, UNICEF “Jars of Grace”, Scottish Bible Society, “Dunblane Conversations”.
16th October 2005
United church choir.
9th October 2005
Ecumenical Worship, Methodist Relief and Development Fund, Christian Resources Exhibition, “Resourcing Mission” with Alan Pimlott.
2nd October 2005
Church Council résumé, BibleWorld Visit, Ministerial Holidays, News-sheet, Crèche Rota Vacancy, Link Club Helpers’ Meeting, Broughty Ferry Churches Prayer Group, Scottish Bible Society, Christian Resources Exhibition.
25th September 2005
United Service Cancelled, Methodist Relief and Development Fund, Link Club - Volunteer Minibus Escort, Circuit Meeting résumé - diary dates, Church Council, “The Churches and Parliament”, Traidcraft, Scottish Bible Society.
18th September 2005
Plan-making, BibleWorld Visit, United Service - now cancelled, Circuit Meeting News, Finance & Property Committees, District Synod, Scottish Bible Society, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Mary Slessor Foundation - Bruce Davies in Concert, Broughty Ferry Churches Ceilidh.
11th September 2005
“Safeguarding”, Training Courses, Circuit Meeting, Scottish Bible Society, Friends of ACTS Autumn Conference.
4th September 2005
BibleWorld Visit, Pray Without Ceasing, Rotas, Circuit Preachers' Meeting, Broughty Ferry Churches Group, NCH Scotland - 50th Anniversary, Scottish Bible Society.
28th August 2005
Safeguarding, Service & Mission Points, Rotas, Preaching Plans, A Possible Church Social Outing?, “Songs of Praise”, Broughty Ferry Churches Prayer Group, Circuit Invitation Committee, The Leprosy Mission, Scottish Bible Society, Christian Resources Exhibition.
21st August 2005
Stewarding Duties, Use of Premises, Preaching Plans, Roadworks, A Possible Church Social Outing? Service & Mission Committee, Circuit Leadership Team, Amazon Hope 2, Scottish Bible Society, Make Poverty History, “Resourcing Mission”.
14th August 2005
Nablus Dance and Drama Troupe, “Three Thousand Troubled Threads”, Scottish Bible Society.
7th August 2005
Christian Aid Appeals, Scottish Bible Society.
31st July 2005
Pastoral arrangements, Rotas, A Possible Church Social Outing?, Christian Aid - Zimbabwe Emergency Appeal, Scottish Churches House Appeal - Urgent!, Scottish Bible Society, Dundee Flower Food Festival.
24th July 2005
Roadworks by the Church.
17th July 2005
Holiday Pastoral arrangements.
10th July 2005
Holiday Pastoral arrangements, Roadworks by the Church, Circuit Invitation Committee, Scottish Bible Society, Scottish Churches House Appeal.
3rd July 2005
G8 Create Art exhibition, Bell ringing on Thursday, Scottish Bible Society, MakePovertyHistory.
19th June 2005
Church Council, Service & Mission committee, “On Broadway”, Make Poverty History rally - more details, Ecumenical Service in Dunblane Cathedral.
26th June 2005
Pastoral Responsibilities this week, “Pray Without Ceasing”, Display Boards, Circuit Safeguarding Group.
12th June 2005
G8 Create Art competition, Church Council papers, Chairs arrangement, Starter Packs Dundee AGM, Circuit Invitation Committee, District Networking Day, re-dedication for the Broughty Ferry Lifeboat Station, Royal National Institution for the Blind, “The Role of the Churches in the European Project”.
5th June 2005
General Church Meeting Resume, Pastoral Committee, Worship Group meeting deferred, Circuit Preachers’ Meeting, Finance and Property Committee, Scottish Bible Society, District Networking Day .
29th May 2005
Pastoral Committee, Preaching Plans, Broughty Ferry New Kirk - Broughty Ferry New Kirk, NCH – Families Project, Scottish Bible Society, Make Poverty History.
22nd May 2005
General Church Meeting, Pre-Ordination Service, Librarian’s Plea, World Council of Churches 9th Assembly – 2006, One World Centre Open Day, District Networking Day, re-dedication for the Broughty Ferry Lifeboat Station, visit of Alan Pimlott.
15th May 2005
Pentecost Prayer Walk, The Samuel Chorus presents “A Choral Miscellany”, Scottish Bible Society, “Prosperity with a Purpose” Exploring the Ethics of Affluence, “The ONE Weekend”, District Networking Day, United Service, Dundee United Reformed Church.
8th May 2005
Sponsorship money for Tay Bridge Crossings, ‘Alpha Guide to Christian Accommodation’, God, in your Grace, Transform the World, Broughty Ferry Churches Group, Traidcraft, “Feed The Minds” Appeals, Scottish Bible Society.
1st May 2005
Link Club, Visit of the President and Vice-President of Conference, Are you interested in being a Church Steward?, Evangelism – Sharing Our Faith, Link Club Civic Reception, Synod, “Mission in Britain Sunday”, Scottish Bible Society.
24th April 2005
Service & Mission, “Mission in Britain Sunday”, Scottish Churches Industrial Mission – International Workers Memorial Lecture, Link Club AGM, Close of Centenary Eucharist, Make Poverty History rally, Dunblane Cathedral Ecumenical Service.
17th April 2005
Visit of the President and Vice-President of Conference, UK General Election, Offerings for General Fund, Service and Mission Committee, “Nurturing House Groups”, Marriage blessing, Email or pen-pal wanted, God, in your Grace, Transform the World, CROWDS - Christian Rock gig in aid of charity, District Networking Day, “The Role of the Churches in the European Project”, Dundee Operatic Society, “Guys and Dolls”.
10th April 2005
Tay Road Bridge Cross for Christian Aid.
3rd April 2005
Craft Fair, Rosyth Methodist Church, Scottish Bible Society, Circuit Leadership Team meeting, Scottish Churches House “Occasional Seminars on the Ecumenical Movement”.
27th March 2005
Ministerial Holidays, Easter Offering – ‘Creating a Just Community’, Link Club Civic Reception, “Riverside Review”, Mr William Beedie, Rotas, Easter Sunday “Songs of Praise”, Broughty Ferry Churches Group Praise Celebration, “Resurrection Day” –, Link Club - Easter Service, “West End Early Years and Childcare Network”, The Leprosy Mission, Visit of the President and Vice-President of Conference.
20th March 2005
Holy Week and Easter Ecumenical Worship, On the Vestibule Table, Link Club First Aid training, Buxtehude’s ‘Membri Jesu Nostri' (a Latin meditation upon Christ on the Cross), Scottish Bible Society, Fair Trade, Dundee University Orchestra, Choir & Chamber Choir, Kinnoull retreat.
13th March 2005
Pastoral Committee résumé, “Momentum” - ‘pilot copies’ of a new Methodist newspaper, Circuit Treasurers & Stewards Meeting, preceding Circuit Meeting, Verdi's Requiem, Scottish Bible Society, Dundee Choral Union Concert; programme of English Music, Broughty Ferry Churches Group Holy Week services, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Holy Week Services.
6th March 2005
“CHILDREN AND GAMBLING” AN OPPORTUNITY TO ACT, Network News Scotland, Link Club Helpers’ meeting, Circuit Preachers’ Meeting, Broughty Ferry Churches Group act of worship, Friends of ACTS : “Looking to New Horizons?”, Scottish Bible Society, “Nurturing House Groups”.
27th February 2005
Pastoral Committee, World Day of Prayer, ‘Spiritual approaches to Middle East Peace’, District Policy Committee, ‘Urgent Action for Africa’, “A Big Sing”.
20th February 2005
Rotas, Preaching Plans, Circuit’s Church Safeguarding Officers, “Can’t Stop the Music”, The Leprosy Mission: “Bethany - Place of Safety in South Africa”, ‘Where’s the Power? Overcoming Obstacles to Peace’, Eco-Congregation Celebration.
13th February 2005
Broughty Ferry Churches Group act of worship, Valaam – Russian Ensemble, “Can’t Stop the Music”, ‘Where’s the Power? Overcoming Obstacles to Peace’, 24 Hour Prayer Event, ‘Spiritual approaches to Middle East Peace’, “A Big Sing” under the auspices of The Iona Community, Friends of ACTS : “Looking to New Horizons?”.
6th February 2005
Church Council Résumé, Broughty Ferry Churches Group, Ash Wednesday Service, Dundee City Centre Churches study group, Scottish Bible Society.
30th January 2005
Preparing to worship, Lent and Easter Ecumenical Study and Worship, Worship Group résumé, Crèche rotas, Door Stewards Rota, Rev David Deeks in Dunblane, Church Council, Homelessness Sunday, World Leprosy Day, Scottish Bible Society, Dundee City Centre Churches study group.
23rd January 2005
Crêche, Worship Group, Door Stewards Rota, Circuit Workshop Group, Joint Finance & Property Committees, The Leprosy Mission : Wayne Cowpland, Homelessness, Scottish Bible Society.
16th January 2005
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Pulpit Exchange, Coffee-with-Worship, Unity Octave 2005: 18th – 25th January, United Ecumenical Worship, MRDF Tsunami Appeal, Annapurna Base Camp, Scottish Bible Society.
9th January 2005
Coffee Rota, Scottish Churches House, Dunblane, Service and Mission Committee, Scottish Bible Society.
2nd January 2005
Tsunami Disaster, MRDF Appeal, Advent and Christmas Thanks, NCH, Make Poverty History.